Today I want to share a quote with you, by John Pope, better known as Rolling Thunder, a Native American Medicine Man. He said, “People have given their health to their doctor, their money to their banker, their soul to the preacher, their children to the school system, and in doing so, have lost the power to control their lives.”

This quote, to me, says a lot. And it ties into last week’s commentary, when I spoke about the groping and sexual abuse scandal going on. We, both men and women, but especially women it seems, feel disempowered. Notice I said feel disempowered. In truth, we have infinite power. We create our entire reality. We are much bigger than we know. But we believe we are disempowered, and there are institutions and what some call Empire or Powers that Be purposely programing and working feverishly to keep us from knowing how powerful we truly are.

Getting back to the quote, first, the health system is not that. It is a for profit system that works to keep us sick, or just healthy enough to make tons of money off of us and keep us scared and disempowered, working our butts off just to pay our bills.

As for the giving money to our banker, of course there is nothing wrong with a mutual agreement to have someone handle our finances, or guard or invest our money, but again, many of us could benefit by taking more responsibility for our work, income, finances and investments, and not assume that the professionals know more and can always be trusted, as we have seen in all the banking scandals. We might want to think outside the current financial paradigm, with all its bubbles and bursts.

As for the spiritual part of the quote, giving our soul to the preacher, this has gone on for millennia, this idea that we are not gods embodied, that we are so pitiful, confused and lost, or even guilty that we need to turn our power over to priests and religious leaders–usually men–who are supposedly closer to god. In truth, we have a direct line to Source energy in this very moment. We have simply been talked and programed out of it.

Now the education system, I brought this up to one of my yoga classes recently, and I read the above quote, and a woman who was in fact a teacher smiled and half-jokingly told me to be careful, not to blame the teachers. In truth, I do not blame the teachers; they have very important roles to play and are largely underpaid and underappreciated. However, we all have to take full responsibility for our lives and choices. We must ask ourselves hard questions, in truth, what are we teaching? Is what I am teaching true, is it truly helpful? Except for some awakened teachings and certain alternative schools like perhaps the Waldorf schools, we are raising robots to consume, live in fear, compete, and find a job, not inviting out the joyous, full expression of each unique god and goddess. We are molding and programing far more than we are empowering and teaching truth.

We each need to take our power and full responsibility back, and we slowly are. We all allowed this to happen; we really can’t blame anyone else. In fact, to take our power back we have to stop blaming. We have been dumbed down pretty low, but we are starting to re-establish our personal sovereignty, our genuine freedom to take the reins of our lives and create something infinitely more satisfying and beautiful. We are each moving from following the herd to branching out in our own unique and beautiful ways.