• We have all heard of rescue dogs or pets, where humans rescue or adopt an animal from a shelter. Rescue Pets are also specifically a plush toy series manufactured and marketed by MGA Entertainment. They are mainly dogs, but can be other animals such as a cat or penguin.

    What we humans do not realize is that we are often the ones begin rescued! animals save us, teach us and literally keep us sane.

    In the United States, for every state for which we have records in 2011, between 50 and 70% of households have at least one pet.  Here in WA state, 63% of households have pets. The highest was Vermont at 70%.  But there is one area that dropped way down.  In Washington DC only 22% of households have pets. So maybe now we know the source of the insanity in Washington DC, not enough pets keeping people honest and sane!

    This may sound anthropocentric, but it is my belief and understanding that certain creatures are actually here to help humans. The bible talks about human’s dominance of the Earth, which we have taken out of context to encourage exploitation, destruction and pillaging of the planet. But what this actually refers to is that humans do have a special place and higher consciousness, although certain creatures like dolphins, whales and elephants also have very high consciousness.  But many animals are here to support and even heal us.  Even though we have a higher consciousness than some creatures on some levels, we humans are mind oriented creatures, and this can be seen as a level of insanity. Animals, on the other hand, are present.  At least in the natural world, they do not worry and fight against life.  They flow with life, and live in accordance with their nature.  They do not have the self esteem and other mind dramas that humans experience on a daily level. As Albert Einstein said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.” Animals simply live their life and follow their nature, while humans often ignore their intuition and got lost in the mind.

    Again, the nature of some animals is to help humans, and my cat has been such a supportive friend for the last 13 years. I once hit my head on a low ceiling at my home, and fell to the floor with a slight concussion, with a bit of blood from a cut head. As I lay there on my back, my cat came running over and began purring and running his healing energy.  He softly and repeatedly swept his paws at each side of my head–not actually touching the head, but like he was sweeping energy, moving back and forth, obviously sending me healing energy, like a paws on energy healing. He does the same thing whenever I hit a tender moment or when tears surface; he senses it and rushes to my side, purring and providing support.

    Again, there is this paradox, where we humans have a specific purpose and consciousness, with the creatures and plant kingdom here to support us, yet we have lost ourselves in the head and mind and become less sane and functional than many of the creatures on the planet.  For this reason, we can accept the support and learn lessons from our furry or feathered friends.