In past commentaries, I have claimed that most of us in truth have no free will, that we here in the land of the free are anything but free. I have said that 4th of July is really just a distraction, or hope of genuine freedom, as most of us are prisoners of our own mind. We are more the second half of the word freedom: dumb and deadened.

Today I’d like to talk about how to become free, truly free. So I am going to assume that you, like about 99% of us, are not free, but a prisoner. We are prisoners of the voice in our head, the programing and culturization we receive, the onslaught of media mis and disinformation, our beliefs, our patterns, and our pain. Our schools and religious and other institutions teach, program and encourage sameness and smallness, but it is time to break out of this mediocrity mold to genuine freedom.

The first step is to know this, to admit that we are more confused that we thought. The great Sufi poet Rumi often talked about this, that we need to be less clever and certain and more humble and bewildered. Less mind oriented and more embodied and in our heart. In admitting that we have been fooled and imprisoned, that we really don’t know much of anything, truth and grace can find space.

So here are some tips for becoming truly free:

  1. Start listening to your inner voice or intuition, rather than the voices of doom, gloom and control in our world.
  2. Create your own unique path. Follow the herd and step in a lot of poop!
  3. Question everything. Do not assume that since it is normal that it is optimal or even sane or necessary. An example is eating, as the normal way to eat is killing us. Listen to your own body wisdom.
  4. Get out of the fast lane. Slow down. Break patterns. Anything that gets us relaxed, out of flight and flight sympathetic nervous system mode
  5. Meditation can help, something to center us. Deep breathing is also like a bridge between our small self and the bigger Self.
  6. Get off of as many drugs as possible, as most numb and dumb us and keep us sick and unstable, blocking our true self from shining through.
  7. Start asking who you are? Who are you really? In short, anything that aligns us with our true Self, our Divine intelligence. In fact, this is the only thing that sets us free–aligning with the Soul that lives in our very own heart. This is the way out of suffering and into freedom. This guides us beyond distractions and addictions.

This is the true land of the free.