Let me speak about Oneness, with regards to energy and teachers and awakening.

Great teachers like Jesus warned about the company we keep. We all know on some level that we match the prevailing energy. If we are surrounded by people who are asleep, or unconscious, or who hurt themselves and their body with poor language, or smoking or drinking, chances are we too will be incorporating these poor habits. In fact, we may have chose these friends because they feel familiar or comfortable.

The opposite holds true.  When we hang out with people who are awake, or conscious, who have opened their eyes, people who take care of themselves and their body, it is like a breath of fresh air. We tend to match this energy.

So, the thing to do might be this. If we are surrounded by lower vibration energy, more dense energies, we are wise to not match it, maybe step away from it, do our best to rise above the energy level, quite literally.

If we are at any time hanging out with more enlightened people or energies, we are wise to match it, allow it to lift us up, let ourselves attune to it. This is the key: attunement. The HeartMath people have found that when one person resonates at a higher frequency, others will match it. Perhaps this is what Gandhi meant when he said Be the Change. We can quite literally help lift others by raising our own energy vibration or finding resonance.

Now, this is what happens when we hang out with legitimate gurus or great masters. These people are like super conductors, or high vibration sources for us to attune to. Many of us frown on this idea of giving power away to others, but that is not what I am talking about.  I understand that we have all been hurt by false prophets and gurus who were not truly conscious but quite unconscious or even manipulative frauds.

What I am talking about is what Jesus said, Your faith set you free. When we find the real deal, the genuine great teachers–and there are many on the planet right now, such as Ammachi, Mother Meera, AmmaBhagavan, and many others–we are wise to surrender our egoic control, mistrust and body fear and allow these folks to assist us.

And this brings us back to Oneness. These are not others. There is only one of us here. These great teachers are simply other aspects of ourselves that are more awake, that is all. We are actually calling forth these more awake aspects of our self to help us move forward, to break through the illusions, to awaken and take back our power as miracle workers.

You see, there is only one big energy field, and mixed within it are varying levels of consciousness and unconsciousness, aliveness and pain, love and fear. We are all energy alchemists, with the innate God given ability and responsibility and privilege of converting or transforming our part of the collective pain body back to joy and light and love. There is no duty more effective, satisfying and beautiful than this.