First, let’s be clear. It’s not about Bill Gates.

And it is about Bill Gates–and his sociopath friends. Orwellian it is. Bill Gates, live, on mainstream news–which he and his friends own—telling us what they intend to do!

Fellow sheep and cattle, are we ready to wake up? Baaaaaaaaaaa! We have let them shackle and imprison us; have we had enough? Moooooooo! Lay aside the mainstream lamestream media.

Please, I mean no offense to those who are sick, dying, or working tireless to help and serve during this COVID-19 crisis. But there are so many disturbing inconsistencies to the source of this virus, the testing methods, the statistics, etc. that it is our duty to dig deeper. As Mark Twain reportedly said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

Mandatory vaccine anyone? Flu shot? Our children now get approximately 60 vaccines. 60? Why have we not insisted in knowing what is in the vaccines? Duh. Mercury? Often. Aluminum? Often. Nanoparticles, which allow their Godless A.I. control? That’s the plan. Heavy metals–assisted by 5G technology to open the brain barrier–to poison our brain and either kill us, dumb us or make us even more controllable? And there are reports of digital certificates to keep track of each person and their immunizations. WTF?

How did God screw up so badly that our bodies supposedly need so much “help” and vaccines to stay alive? Unless the goal is to take life away. Hmmmm.

Do you know what technocracy is? “Control of society by government or industry by elite, technical experts.”

Do you know what transhumanism is? “The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” (sounds harmless enough).

Do you know what the internet of things is? “The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.”

Do you know what China’s social credit and control system is? The blueprint for the world. Take a breath, and if you are courageous, dive into the rabbit hole of A.I., smart meters, 5G, surveillance, data gathering, crowd control ……

Conspiracy theory! Agent Smith Syndrome (from the matrix blue pill idea) is a program within each of us that has us defend the kingdom. We are like abused children who defend their abusers, which feels easier than seeing that the supposed adults in the room have gone mad.

There is a story of two bulls being led to the slaughter house. One suddenly stops and says to the other, “Wow, I just had an intuitive hit. They are going to kill us and make hamburgers out of us!” The other bull says, “There you go, another one of your wild conspiracy theories.”

Let me be clear: this is a conspiracy. A criminal cabal conspiring to depopulate the Earth and enslave and control the rest. Rather than check the many “Fact Checkers” online, pay attention, snoop around a bit, and ask your heart.

Why this depopulation agenda? A couple reasons come to mind. One, we are approaching 8 billion people on Earth. Second, we are waking up. Both mean that the herd is getting harder to control. Mooooooooo!

Listen to Bill. He is not so vague. In interviews he will mention the need for vaccines to save children, and in the same interview talk about the need to depopulate the planet. Hello?

Bill Gates–in partnership with the John Hopkins Center and World Economic Forum–organized a pandemic exercise called Event 201. When? October 18, 2019, two months before the declaration of this COVID-19 shamdemic hit the news.  Coincidence?

This is like a bad movie. So arrogant, they are telling us what they are planning to do!

Club of Rome agenda of 1972: In March of 2020 they state on their site that COVID-19 creates an opportunity: “ …there’s no better time than now to usher in systemic economic change….The pandemic demands a forceful, immediate response.”

Georgia Guidestones of 1980: Erected in Elbert County, Georgia: Urge to lower the planet’s population to 500,000. For those without a calculator, that means eliminating 95% of the Earth’s population.

Agenda 21 of 1992–later changed to Agenda 30:  George Bush and other trusted UN allies. Nice bunch. Talking about sustainable development; sounds nice enough no? Depopulation? World government?

Billionaire’s Club, May of 2009: Bill Gates and company—referred to as the ‘Great and the Good’–met to discuss how to address global problems. Bill suggested that depopulation was key; he and Warren Buffet reportedly kicked in over $40 billion for vaccines and other support for humanity and good old Mother Earth.

Question the narrative. The WHO or CDC are compromised organizations. Dr. Francis Boyle—a world renowned biological weapons expert–along with numerous other experts, claim that this COVID-19 was almost certainly created in a biological weapons lab. Boyle and the others are being censored.

And why are we censoring natural immune system boosting tips from doctors and scientists? Dr. Andrew Saul—also heavily censored–has been working tirelessly with China, South Korea, and other countries heavily affected by COVID-19. Censored for revealing the amazing success of Vitamin C for treatment of patients?

Dr. Sayer Ji pointed out an impressive article looking at 13 studies over several decades that show that “social distancing” or “social isolation” raises mortality, AND increases the chance of catching a virus! We need each other! As John Steinbeck said, “A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ.”

I’m not a big bible scholar, but it is getting biblical out there! Final battle; we are at a crossroads, and something has to give. The dying dinosaur is giving one last kick–or series of kicks–with shamdemics, vaccines, 5G radiation and other attacks. Talk about white collar crime!

Yet veils are lifting, and this is where it gets spiritual, challenging, and maybe even fun—this new Earth energy vibration of light is revealing every dark and evil underbelly. AND, showing us our essence, the light of who and what we are.

We then see that we are the dark. They are we; there is only one. There is no good or bad, lest thinking declare it so. Perhaps we all have some shadow, even a touch of (d)evil in us? Who does not have some ego, some anger, some rage, some hate? Bring it into the light of your compassionate awareness. Not doing so puts it back into the shadow, where we suppress, deny, project or act out.

What I am saying is, how will we choose to handle this? Not only by seeing the sociopathic, demonic and disgusting display of the technocratic, transhumanist, A.I. Luciferian agenda, but seeing that they are we! How will we deal with them / us? We all co-created this!

Two important last points: one, to be crystal clear: be very careful about taking any vaccine. I know, they will try to make it mandatory, or necessary if you want to ever travel again, etc. But they had better be ready for a battle.

And two, my personal concern is that 5G will turn out to be more lethal than this COVID-19. It is a weapons system. As former British microwave weapons system export Barrie Trower says: ”EMF is the perfect stealth weapon.”

Yet I feel that grace is upon us at this tremendous time of shift on Earth. Against all odds, miracles are happening. Despite social distancing, we are connecting via ZOOM and the energy grid. People are somehow seeing through fog that used to blind us.

In this land of designed duality and polarity, there is love-based free choice to be evil or benevolent. Could not both be seen as amazing experiences? As we bring the evil ones to justice, may we remember our humanity and spirituality.

One of my teachers in India told us, “to see is to be free.” Jesus talked about those “with ears to listen”, and “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” It is a good day to see, and be free. And a good time to create a genuine Independence Day!