“When you follow the herd, you step in a lot of poop.” Anonymous

I am all for herd immunity, but what we are seeing in our world is a dangerous herd mentality, or even herd stupidity. And it is getting worse in many ways.

People are snitching on businesses that open, having more than the legal amount of people in their home for the holidays, or even people not wearing their mask—and 2 or 3 masks are now better than 1!). And these snitches are afraid and often quite misinformed, inevitably following the massive disinfo campaign of the mainstream media.

We are being divided to be conquered, and here are some examples:

  • Vaxers versus anti-vaxers
  • Maskers versus anti-maskers
  • Mainstream media versus alternative media
  • Trump versus Biden
  • Democrats versus Republicans
  • Your science versus my science
  • Truth (free thinkers) versus lies (herd mentality)

“Woke” is a cruel joke. These people often head to the front of the herd in leadership positions, thinking they are naturally superior. They take the lead in universities and other educational facilities, and are creating tremendous division and discord with racist ‘critical theory’. One example: all whites are racist, people of color cannot be racist, and if you disagree you are demonstrating “white fragility” or “white privilege” and you are clearly too blind and ignorant to express your concern.

Labeling people as either victim or oppressor is clearly not helpful and untrue. We all play the part of victim at times, and perpetrator at times, and sometimes a third one, the savior. Many who teach and facilitate critical theory are, in my opinion, racist oppressors, under the guise of being a third label: saviors.

A friend of mine made a sign for the window of his business: “Lives Matter. If you need to put a word in front of that, you are racist.” Myself, I posted on Facebook that “All Lives Matter”.  A woman friend, a very smart, leftist intellectual, prestigious member of our community shot back: “All lives matter is a racist statement, and if you do not remove it, I will report you to BIPOC. (I did not know at the time that BIPOC means Black, Indigenous, People of Color.) I said, “Go ahead; I have nothing to hide, and I stand by my comment.”

I could not in all honesty apologize for stating the obvious, that all lives do matter. I guess it does not matter that I spent three years doing dangerous human rights volunteer work in Central America, focusing on the indigenous Mayan people and particularly women’s’ situation, making videos, giving presentations, assisting refugees. Must have been due to my white privilege.

Let’s get real. We are in a battle of good and evil. If we follow the money, we would find our way all the way up the ladder to … well, Lucifer? Satan? Whoever or whatever is at the top, we can see a goal of One World Government, New World Order, Great Reset—many names for this Global Domination Agenda. There are faces or names: British Crown, Vatican, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, secret societies, CIA, FBI, Council for Foreign Relations, Communist China, etc. These satanic, corrupt and evil groups and individuals are throwing all their chips on the table for total control.

Mainstream media is a key tool of these globalists. Through the media, and the education systems and countless other tactics, they:

  • Divide and conquer, as previously mentioned
  • Perform various “false flags” to distract and marginalize
  • Attack freedom on all levels
  • Censor opposing views
  • Work to take guns away

Certain types of dissenters are allowed, Antifa and BLM being the most obvious examples. There is a new (January 27) Terrorist Warning issues against people emboldened by the event of January 6, clearly aimed at the dangers of right wing individuals and groups who favor Trump, but there is not a single mention of Antifa.

These leftist groups claim one thing (fighting for freedom or for the people or for Blacks) but are simply tools of this empire. Antifa is not “anti-fascist” but rather, uses fascist authoritarian tools to gain control. Many are paid agent provocateurs, but many (BLM members for example) are simply swept into the herd, thinking they are fighting for justice.

Ignorance is perhaps the biggest issue. If we knew we are being herded to the slaughter house, would we be allowing this? Would we be snitching on our neighbor if we knew there was a little devil behind the curtain that deserves our full attention.

George Orwell warned us long ago. Our world is turned 180 degrees. This is a time to purify our energy system, clear our mind, learn to discern. We all have a tremendous amount of programing to cleanse and purge so we can see through the veil of illusion and delusion.

A few tips to consider:

  • Create circle of awakened friends to gain support and feel sane.
  • Open our mind to seeing anew.
  • Seek out alt media and limit or shut out all mainstream media
  • Pray or meditate. Hold intention for highest good. Send protection to light warriors and digital warriors.
  • Trust your gut. Say no to immoral critical, racist theories.
  • Find courage to step outside the herd before it steps over the cliff.
  • Faith over fear. Keep your energy vibration up.
  • Maybe we need the most attention on our God, asking for clarity, asking for help in seeing the truth that sets us free.