Do you find it fascinating, all the incredible coincidences and events thus far in 2020? And 2020 is far from over!

Coincidence number one: This is an election year. Please keep this in mind as we go through the various “surprises” and “coincidences” over the next couple months. More on this later.

Coincidence number two: COVID 19 — 2020 starts with a bang. According to numerous scientists and studies, this virus is not a coincidence or natural occurring event, but a biological weapon, tinkered with in a lab, and probably released on purpose (adding in all the other hints and “coincidences” below). This helps explain all the other strange aspects of this virus: never truly isolating the virus, ineffective testing accuracy, continual lockdowns, social distance, mask mandates, elevating the death count, etc.

Coincidence number three: Mass protests and riots. Do you really feel this is all about George Floyd? Really all about systemic racism? With all respect to racism as a legitimate issue, are there more serious issues? What about Deep State Cabal? Pedophilia? Sex slavery? Big Pharma? Mainstream media bias? George Soros and other rich white men and corporations are backing BLM and Antifa movements that do not appear to be helping Blacks or anyone else, except a Deep State looking for diverting attention away from inevitable arrests, and instigating civil way, strife, fear, chaos and a Democrat victory in November. Did we mention this is an election year? Oh, and the last time BLM got active? Just prior to the 2016 election. Does someone want to win the Black vote?

Coincidence number four: Speaking of which, mainstream media distortions, bias, misinformation and mass censorship of opposing perspectives. Democracy and freedom curtailed. Is there an election at stake? Have you ever witnessed such a one-sided mainstream media?

Coincidence number five: Forest fires. These are not “climate” fires as our Washington governor Jay Inslee claims. Mostly these are directed energy, Geo-engineered, or arson fires. There are already over a two dozen reports of arson suspects either caught or being sought in Western US states. This is part of the scorched earth offensive to intimidate as well as gain support for a one world solution, to supposed global problems too big for any one country to handle. Yes, there is climate change. And yes, we need to move to cleaner energy, away from fossil fuels. But climate change is greatly exaggerated and not entirely the fault of humanity, and part of a natural cycle, being used politically at this crucial moment towards a New World Order. Yes, it’s that big.

Coincidence number six:  Increase in earthquake activity. You will notice that many of these earthquakes are happening in areas that do not normally have earthquakes. This is because, in many cases, they are not earthquakes, but underground explosions, from attacks on underground bases being carried out by the Alliance (more on the Alliance later). The Cabal created an impressive number of underground installations all over the world where they had planned to hide and live after the end times madness, and after having destroyed most of the surface population. These underground bases, known as DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) are not all military bases, but a variety of genetic manipulation, seeds banks, cloning, continuity of species and government, DNA testing, special weapons factories, demonic and ritual centers, and many with children and slaves.

Coincidence number seven: This is the most hated president in the history of our nation. This has been the greatest mass media, psychological operations, creation of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Very impressive social engineering. Now, Trump is imperfect like all of us, and can be tough to like. The Deep State expected their ally Hilary to win in 2016, and has not been happy that this President is not cooperating with them and their plans for a New World Order, and they are doing everything possible to remove him from office. And they OWN the mainstream media, which is waging war on Trump. It is very helpful if you hate him and vote him out, in case their efforts to overthrow him fail. Fake Russian collusion, fake Ukraine interference, impeachment proceedings, assassination attempts, illegal spying and much more.

Coincidence number eight: Efforts to defund the police, at the same time releasing prisoners. It’s also a coincidence that this is the same strategy used by the Nazi Germans, with their brown shirt rioting, censorship, defunding police, and other tactics. Divide and conquer. Possible coup attempts.

Coincidence number nine: Vaccine as the only answer to COVID 19. Vaccines are a key aspect to the NWO plans. Not just any vaccine, but one that some call “the mark of the beast, a digital tattoo, with tracking, health passport aspects, and permanent effects on our DNA. But the COVID vaccine is not the only vaccine to concern ourselves with. The amount of vaccine injured people and children around the world is alarming. You might ask why toxic ingredients like mercury and aluminum are commonly used. And why did the CDC children vaccine schedule go from 5 shots in the first year of life in 1986 to 25 shots at this time (along with a huge increase in disabilities, autism, chronic disease, SIDS, food allergies, seizures, etc.)

Coincidence number ten: If you look deeply into certain people, and their histories, you will see why they are in the news a lot of late (or in some cases avoiding the headlines), and what their part is in the attempt to create a New World Order, one world government control. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the corrupt CDC, Tedros and the corrupt WHO, Obama and his spying, the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and their pedophilia ties, and countless others who will soon be held accountable. Trump has passed 9 executive orders against sex traffiking and pedophila, and this scares the folks in the shadows.

Coincidence number eleven: Records gun sales. There are millions of first-time gun owners. Again, the Nazi Germans were successful in removing guns (at least to the Jews) so people could not defend themselves. Many Americans, concerned about defunding police, riots and crazy talk, are defending themselves. Many also know that the end goal is total control of the population, including vaccine mandates and yes, even depopulation.

Coincidence number twelve: 5G rollout. This is (or was) a huge part of the plan to weaken, subjugate and yes, depopulate the planet. 5G is controversial, but in effect goes way beyond “faster downloads” to include an exhaustive trillion dollar, undemocratic, publicly funded rollout (especially under cover of the COVID pandemic; I guess it is essential work) with dangerous frequencies, including millions of off planet satellites and hundreds of thousands of small cell and 5G towers, as frequent as outside every 3rd or 4th home. There are currently mass protests against these installations, and some adults in the room who are reportedly mitigating this potential disaster.

Coincidence number thirteen:  Many of the Democrats are complicit. The Deep State uses bribes, and threatens anyone and everyone for their insidious goals, including both Republicans and Democrats. But because they want Trump out, and he is Republican, they are presently using the Democrats for much of their dirty work right now. You will notice that much of the support for the police defunding, release of prisoners, placing infected COVID adults back in nursery nursing homes, and where the forest fires are, are largely Democrat run states and cities.

Coincidence number fourteen: Trump supporters, right wing groups, and Brandon Straka’s Walkaway movement are being attacked. You are not supposed to know that millions of Americans, often referred to as the silent majority, are moving away from the Democratic Party over to Republican side. They are recognizing that the Democratic party is no longer the party of the people, but of the deep state.

Coincidence number fifteen: The Democratic candidate is avoiding debates, appearances, and the party is pushing desperately for mail in voting, which is more easily manipulated. Of course, the Democrats are claiming that Trump wants to steal the election, but he doesn’t have to. He will win a fair election easily (sorry, but true). The polls are not true. Do you wonder why there is no worry about gatherings such as protests and riots, but a claim that voting in person is unsafe?

Coincidence number sixteen: The year is 2020. As in 2020 vision. People are waking up. In line with the prophecies, World War III Is being fought right under our noses. This is a Biblical battle, good and evil, on all levels: Political, spiritual, energetic, psychological. It is a battle for the Earth.

Coincidence number 17: QAnon. The mainstream tried to ignore QAnon for the first couple years of its existence. The Q movement continued to grow globally, so they decided to attack it, at the risk of bringing more attention to it. Q is about helping people see for themselves what is really going on, inviting “digital warriors” to do their own home investigating. This is difficult with the censorship going on, but still doable for passionate truth seekers. Far from a cult that follows a charismatic leader, Q and the people are one.

Do you see it yet? You will. It is being spelled out for us, especially over the last year. But the social engineering is strong to not see it.

So what is it? There has been an evil, corrupt cabal running this world for hundreds if not thousands of years. This cabal is a mix of various groups, bloodlines, and even beings from outside the Earth. They are playing the dark side of polarity, what some call service to self. Have you noticed the attacks on Jesus? On the churches?

They cannot survive in this new Earth energy. Humanity “voted” to move out of the old power-over paradigm, and so, the evil ones must go. They are not going easily, fighting to the last breath, trying to win by any means necessary, and they will lose.

The “good guys” are the Alliance, a group of groups, sometimes called the “White Hats”, along with Trump and QAnon, and we the awakened people. The Alliance apparently spawned from the days around the assassination of JFK, a long-term plan to take back the planet from evil, when the time was right. That time is now.

This is not about Democrat versus Republican, but good versus evil, Cabal versus the people. It is not about Trump, but he is instrumental in this battle. It is not about the United States, but we are a key country. If the US falls, the world could follow.

It will not. The lights are being turned on, and all the world will see into every dark corner. This holds true for ourselves as well; we are each seeing parts of ourselves that need healing.

It is a messy moment, but a  beautiful time of healing, of truth, of cleaning up the old energies of war and divisiveness. May we stay out of fear and polarities. May we listen deeply, have compassion, and celebrate co-creating a whole New Earth.