I often say that we need to get beyond polarities, that like birds, we need both wings, right and left, to fly.

You know, I think I was off a bit with that comment. The more I look at things, with left wing and right wing, it’s really the same bird and the same turds. In other words, both wings are a mess, and the whole dang bird is corrupt. But the corrupt bird in the background is about to get revealed, busted, and plucked.

Often we take pride in where we stand, or what wing we are attached to, or where we get our news. Some say, FOX news is nonsense. Others say, MSNBC is nonsense. The truth is, nearly all mainstream news is nonsense. Or you could argue that it is anything but nonsense; it is very carefully crafted to control, program and manipulate each and every one of us. We now have 5 corporations controlling about 95% of our news. How is that for Democracy.

Now, I take pride in my ability to discern. I am a long time progressive. I graduated in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. I went on fact finding delegations to Central and South America and lived in Guatemala for 3 years doing human rights work. I have looked at our country from inside and outside. And I know how manipulative news can be.

But it still got me and I am amazed at the depth and desperation of the current control. The depth or volume of deception is being amplified beyond belief right now in response to this shift and upcoming major upheaval some of us feel is coming. I am hearing stories of certain people and voices being censored on FB, UTube, Google and others. Certain powerful interests are feeling the heat and doing everything they can to avoid discovery, disclosure and prosecution.

Of course, much of this is the same old ball game. Divide and conquer. But you see, we often do not see it. Again, the way I see it, it is not left wing right wing, Democrat and Republican. It is truth versus untruth. We keep falling into the same trap of attacking each other, and again, these interests have been insanely effective at keeping us at each other’s throats, as they stay invisible behind the curtain, like the little guy in the Wizard of OZ.

But again, there is change in the air. Can you feel it? Author Arundati Roy said, “A new world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, if you listen carefully, you can hear her breathing.” This is the news that you will not see in the mainstream or even progressive news, which itself often gets caught up in the drama and desperation. The truth, in my opinion, is that we have been manipulated and dumbed down so hard and so long that we find it very hard to get quiet, feel within, and hear the only truth there is, the whisper of our own heartfelt inner intelligence. It is not our fault. We have been systematically tampered with and programed so massively that few of us know what the heck is going on.

But we will. The old game is just about over. Move beyond the fear, breathe deeply, pay attention and learn to be aware and focused. Stay open and humble; again, we have all been fooled. Be willing to look within for truth, and see with new eyes and celebrate. Tagore said, “Faith is the bird that feels the light, and sings when the dawn is still dark.”