Sorry to wear out the topic, but let’s look at the Coronavirus. It’s all about perspective. Many of us are arguing to defend our view, but it depends largely on where we get our news. And those who follow mainstream media are woefully misinformed, or more accurately, purposely disinformed. If it weren’t for a parade of false information through the mainstream media, the WHO, the CDC, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others, we would have seen the lies much sooner and saved many lives.

So, let me list a few of the lies and distortions with regards to COVID-19. IT is impossible to have an intelligent discussion without truth. Here is the most accurate info I could find.

First, from the very start, credible scientists and doctors such as Francis Boyle, Dietrich Klinghardt and just recently, an Australian study, show that the virus was tinkered with in a biological weapons lab. We still do not know if it was released intentionally, but time will tell.

Second, the initial tests never truly isolated the corona virus, so we didn’t know what we were testing for.

Which leads to third, there are no reliable tests, and never were. The CDC now admits that 50% of tests prove wrong, and it is probably much more than 50%. There are countless diseases that could give the same positive results that attribute the issue to COVID19.

Which leads us to Fourth, the death counts were padded or elevated, again, later admitted by Deborah Brix and others. Just one example; a man in NY was shot in a gang shooting 4 times in the chest and guess what they attributed the death to? COVID19! Also, influenza and pneumonia rates are way down this year, guess why? Because many of these deaths are being attributed to COVID-19.

Fifth, and this is criminal, natural aids such as Vitamin C, Vitamin V, zinc, and Hydrox were pushed aside in favor of the one size fits all risky and unproven vaccine. Hydrox has been around and approved for over 50 years, and is largely safe and effective, despite mainstream attacks and an infamous fake study done to scare people. Even doctors were threatened for prescribing it for their patients.

There was never any effort to supports and educate the public that oxygenating the body is one of the best ways to protect the body and strengthen the immune system against this disease. And of course, getting outside in fresh air, getting sunshine on our face and exercising are awesome supports, but of course, we were locked down. I’ll talk about that another time.

Sixth, in some states, people who tested positive were forced back into adult homes, with the most vulnerable among us, and again the death counts climbed.

Seventh, if we look at the actual death rates, compared with the seasonal influenza, surprise, it is about the same! What! How can this be? We locked down the entire country over something that matches the death toll for a seasonal flu?

Recent studies show that, even with these padded numbers, the death rate will be even less than an average flu year. At this time there are supposedly 110,000 US deaths by COVID19. Let’s say 200,000 people ending up dying from COVID19. In a US population of 330 million, that is a death rate of 0.0006 %, with the vast majority of these people being elderly with comorbidity. And globally, now with 400,000 COVID deaths, even if a million people end up dying from COVID, that is a mere 0.0001% of the world population. And again, these numbers are almost certainly padded.

And of course we could have protected the most vulnerable, had a smaller death count, and not had to shut down the world over this. And I have to wonder if the deaths as a result of the lockdown—including suicides and countless other factors–might end up equal that of COVID19.

In short, it is clear that there is an agenda here, and one would have to be determined not to see it. This whole event was clearly politicized, and more about controlling and scaring people, and perhaps winning an election, than protecting us from a virus.