Let me ask you a question: Are you on drugs? I mean the legal kind. We seem to differentiate between legal and illegal drugs, for obvious reasons, but it is important to ask ourselves some tough questions.
The first question is, are you hooked on legal, prescription drugs? Now certainly there are some drugs we feel we just need to take for our health and well being. But a good question to ask ourselves is, is this true?
It has become increasingly clear that we must take full responsibility for our own health, as no one else is going to do so. It is now clear that, in general, the pharmaceutical industry is looking for profits first, and health last. Notice I did not say profits first and health second. In other words, in order to make the most money, they have to keep us sick, so health is not a goal.

I would go further. You can call this a conspiratorial comment, but it is not quite correct. Yet there are insidious people within the pharmaceutical industry value one thing even more than our profits: to keep us dumb. Similar to those who wish to keep us afraid and therefore powerless, there are very powerful elements within the drug industry that knows that if they keep us drugged up, they keep our energy down, so we are unable to make the shift in consciousness that will change this planet.
Still, even though the pharmaceutical industry is insidious, they are simply doing what we allow them to do. Now, I know, some of us are in a position where some drugs may be necessary. And we need some government help in taking the power away from the big drug companies and make necessary drugs affordable. But it is so important to again, ask ourselves the tough questions. Do we really need all these drugs? Can we not work our way off the drug treadmill, begin to eat real food, exercise, tune in to what our bodies and minds and spirits really need.
We have bought into the notion of quick fixes, and pills are one of them. But as we all know, they come with a cost, and tremendous side effects, one of them often being our very health we are trying to uphold, as well as numbing and dumbing us down as already mentioned.
The elderly are often the biggest victims. Once they become dependent on nursing homes and other care, they are often fed so many drugs they literally lose their right minds. They become drug consumers and lose their life force. Again, the pharmaceutical companies often wants us just healthy or alive enough to keep buying their drugs, and this is not much of an exaggeration. So we lose our potentially wise and wonderful elders, a horrid cost.
The good news is first, we can take responsibility for our elderly relatives, and supporting our loved ones in natural health care. And take care of our own bodies and not get ourselves hooked on drugs.

And lastly, the good news is that the big drug companies and pharmaceutical companies are going down soon. Just watch. The energy is changing so fast, and anything out of integrity with truth will simply disintegrate or come clean. Just look at the Catholic church and how quickly it is shifting and changing. Be patient, take care of your body and mind, and celebrate this tremendous shift we are witnessing and co-creating.