Washington, Sedona, Hawaii, Bali, Greece, Guatemala, México and Costa Rica Retreats Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Healing, Awakening

How our retreats compare with others:


  • Better than others!  Just kidding, sort of!  🙂
  • 15 years experience, 60 retreats led, 500 hour trained.
  • Compassionate, humorous, non-dogmatic teachings.
  • Often over 40s age group, but all ages, levels welcome.
  • Safe, body friendly, meditative, breath-connected yoga.
  • Over half of participants return for future retreats with us.
  • Affordable: priced 20-30% less than most others.
  • U.S. Retreats in Sedona and WA state
  • International: Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Greece …

I am filled with admiration for your ability to organize this wonderful trip. You gave me a trip of a lifetime – never to be forgotten. Gracias.

Lee H.

I must say this was an enlightening experience, the people, the food, the location, the yoga made for a holiday close to the heart.  Thank you so much! 


2009 Mexico Retreat, Canada

Was it a dream? I can’t think of anything to improve trip.
Thank you for the perfect vacation.
I could not have dreamed of something better.

Kathy M.

Wonderful, helpful, compassionate teachers, excellent location. A fun week with great people at a great price.

Brenda C.

Who We Are

Based in Everett, WA, USA, I (Roy Holman) have run Holman Health Connections since 2000.  500 hour certified in viniyoga, a body-friendly, gentle, breath connected, meditative yoga. Also certified in meditation, healing, reflexology, hypnotherapy, and a Oneness Trainer and hike leader. I love helping people clear their fear and “stuff” and access their deepest, authentic, joyful, spiritual self!

What We Do

I teach yoga classes in the Everett and Seattle area of Washington State, and have led over 50 retreats in WA, Sedona and globally. I lead various workshops, meditation classes, and also Oneness events and trainings and also a free meditative “Sacred Chambers” in my home (please see Oneness link).

Washington Yoga Retreat Divine Feminine. May 6-8, 2016

John of God Brazil Healing Retreat  Aug 8-20 or Dec 5-17, 16

Washington Yoga Retreat
September 2-5, 2016
Rock formation in Sedona, AZ
Yoga Hiking Retreat Sedona
October 9-14, 2016
Buddha statue in Bali
Bali Yoga Retreat
November 9-19, 2016
Yelapa, Mexico Yoga Retreat
January 20-28, 2017

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Probably March 2018

Guatemala meditation

Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Probably early 2018

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Roy’s Blogs …

Costa Rica and Guatemala Retreats Follow up

We just completed three retreats, two in Costa Rica and one in Guatemala, two very different countries and histories. When I was a human rights activist in Guatemala, I used to avoid Costa Rica because it seemed too “tame” for me. I liked the “rugged reality”  of Guatemala and it’s never-ending civil war. I was attracted to the drama, I suppose since my own inner life was also a drama at that time. Guatemala’s civil war is now over, and they have a former comedian as President, a good start! There is more peace, but they have a ways to go to reach the stability and peace of Costa Rica, which has not had a military in over 60 years! While these countries are very different from one another, I love them both, and I especially love the people. Guatemala has a large Mayan, indigenous population, who have somehow survived, while ironically, the country with more peace of late, Costa Rica, has lost over 98% of its indigenous population. But Costa Rica has preserved more of its trees, wildlife and environment, with more parks and safeguards. Guatemala is trying to catch up. Yet both countries are beautiful, and we saw monkeys, coatis, toucans and other critters in both places. All the retreats were very good, as was most of the food, and most of the shuttles were right on time. The one hotel in Guatemala that was supposed to be the most luxurious disappointed some people, as did the food at that hotel (until they heard our cries and turned it around nicely!), and the rest of the trip... read more

Roy Yoga Interview

The following is from an interview with Tracy Weber, my original yoga teacher. Why and when did you start practicing yoga? 1996, during a dark night of the soul, depressed, with an eating disorder. I felt so good and grounded from yoga, I knew if it could help me, it could help anyone! What do you specifically appreciate about Viniyoga? The breath connection and presence, and the look in people’s eyes after class. A spark! Any yoga horror stories? Too many to list! Farting when I was adjusting someone’s head in shavasana comes to mind. Another time while teaching, during a stretch, I split the back of my pants. Most humbling moment as a teacher? I usually share a few thoughts before we begin the asana. A woman would always come to my YMCA class 10 minutes late. I finally gentle, kindly asked her if it is difficult to arrive on time, and she said “I purposely show up late to avoid listening to your psychobabble!” What would you tell people interested in trying yoga for the first time? If you don’t like it, don’t quit. Try another teacher or style until your body purrrs ………. I’m biased, but I feel there is a yoga for every body. What are the most important qualities of a great yoga teacher? Authenticity, humility, kindness, and one who is doing the inner work and has a spiritual practice (not just asana). Kate (the yoga teacher/sleuth in my series) has anger management issues, but she uses yoga to mitigate them.  What challenges do you face, and how does yoga help you overcome them?... read more

Find your own Pose

Whose life are you leading? Are you living your life, or following the herd, doing what the culture or society or your role models or parents demonstrated or even insisted what is right. It is crucial that we walk our own walk, find our own true and unique path. Other wise we are merely copycats. Someone said that we are all born originals but live and die as cheap copies. Yoga provides a good analogy for this. As a yoga teacher, we discuss and do various poses also known as asanas. I often remind people that I am guiding or suggesting various poses, some of which have been taught for hundreds or thousands of years, but the key is to listen to their own body and do or not do the pose, or modify the pose, do it in a way that works for their unique body and circumstances. This is tricky. I’m not just talking about yoga here. Obviously, we need teachers, or people to show us how to do certain things, people ideally with knowledge, wisdom and experience, and hopefully not too much ego. But what do teachers really know about your body? I’ve been teaching yoga for 15 years, but I still feel the student usually knows more about what is going on in their own body, and therefore the best thing they can learn is listen to their own truth. A wonderful yoga teacher named Judith Hanson Lasater said, “Follow your nature. Yoga practice is really about uncovering your own pose. We have great respect for our teachers, but unless we can uncover our own... read more

Upcoming Retreats:

Washington Mothers Day retreat, May 6-8, 2016, AngelSong Retreat Center, WA:  Date to be announced,   Washington, Peaceful Mt – Art of Presence: September 2-5, 2016, Sedona Retreat: Yoga, Hiking, Fun: Oct 9-14, 2016,  John of God Healing Retreats: Two dates. Bali, Indonesia : Nov 9-19, 2016, Mexico Yoga Retreat: Jan 20-28, 2017, Greece: Early June 2017, details soon!

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