Washington, Sedona, Hawaii, Bali, Greece, Guatemala, México and Costa Rica Retreats Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Healing, Awakening

How our retreats compare with others:


  • Better than others!  Just kidding, sort of!  🙂
  • 15 years experience, 60 retreats led, 500 hour trained.
  • Compassionate, humorous, non-dogmatic teachings.
  • Often over 40s age group, but all ages, levels welcome.
  • Safe, body friendly, meditative, breath-connected yoga.
  • Over half of participants return for future retreats with us.
  • Affordable: priced 20-30% less than most others.
  • U.S. Retreats in Sedona and WA state
  • International: Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Greece …

I am filled with admiration for your ability to organize this wonderful trip. You gave me a trip of a lifetime – never to be forgotten. Gracias.

Lee H.

I must say this was an enlightening experience, the people, the food, the location, the yoga made for a holiday close to the heart.  Thank you so much! 


2009 Mexico Retreat, Canada

Was it a dream? I can’t think of anything to improve trip.
Thank you for the perfect vacation.
I could not have dreamed of something better.

Kathy M.

Wonderful, helpful, compassionate teachers, excellent location. A fun week with great people at a great price.

Brenda C.

Who We Are

Based in Everett, WA, USA, I (Roy Holman) have run Holman Health Connections since 2000.  500 hour certified in viniyoga, a body-friendly, gentle, breath connected, meditative yoga. Also certified in meditation, healing, reflexology, hypnotherapy, and a Oneness Trainer and hike leader. I love helping people clear their fear and “stuff” and access their deepest, authentic, joyful, spiritual self!

What We Do

I teach yoga classes in the Everett and Seattle area of Washington State, and have led over 50 retreats in WA, Sedona and globally. I lead various workshops, meditation classes, and also Oneness events and trainings and also a free meditative “Sacred Chambers” in my home (please see Oneness link).

Washington Yoga Retreat Divine Feminine. May 6-8, 2016

John of God Brazil Healing Retreat  Aug 8-20 or Dec 5-17, 16

Washington Yoga Retreat
September 2-5, 2016
Rock formation in Sedona, AZ
Yoga Hiking Retreat Sedona
October 9-14, 2016
Buddha statue in Bali
Bali Yoga Retreat
November 9-19, 2016
Yelapa, Mexico Yoga Retreat
January 20-28, 2017

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Probably March 2018

Guatemala meditation

Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Probably early 2018

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Roy’s Blogs …

You Cannot Fail

You cannot fail; did you know that? Would it not relieve some of the stress, fear and pressure if we all knew that we cannot fail.   Oh sure, there is relative failure. Maybe you go to bat trying to hit a home run and strike out. One could label this a failure. Or you ask for a raise and your boss denies you the raise. Again, this could be perceived this as a failure.   But who is perceiving? And do you want to look at the small picture–what some call illusion–or the big picture–what some call reality?   As always, I try not to lose myself in the small picture, even though we do have to function in this world, and home runs and raises are nice! But in the big big picture, let’s look at it this way. You are a spark of Divine Spirit. You are everlasting love, bravely having a human experience, which is not easy right? You are courageous!   In the spirit world, it’s maybe not quite as brave, because at the time we decide to come to Earth and take on another body, we have the big picture. We know that, although our body and psyche can suffer and go through tremendous pain as a human being, our true self cannot be touched, harmed or hurt. This is good to know!   Maybe it’s like this, someone asks you to go 3 rounds with the best boxer or cage fighter on the planet. Stupid idea right? But what if you knew it was all about having the experience, and that you... read more

Orlando still has a Pulse

Let’s talk about Orlando Florida. I’d like to offer a spiritual overview, the big picture. It is always good to step back out of the emotionality and see what is really going on. If you have heard my commentaries before, today’s message is not new. We are witnessing a cleansing on Earth, a purging of the old energies. As I have said before, the bad news gets the headlines and makes more noise, convincing us that all hell is breaking lose. In a sense, hell is breaking loose, and it has to, before we sense the light behind the dark. As Tagore said, Faith is the bird that feels the light, and sings while the dawn is still dark. Someone told me on Sunday that they felt hopeless, with events like this shooting, that everything is getting worse and is perhaps hopeless. I invite us all to take a breath and reclaim our hope. Everything, even horrid events like this, are an opportunity.  You might even say that the depths of the pain that gets triggered corresponds with the depths of the possibility for healing and shift. When I studied in India at Oneness University Sri Bhagavan taught us about inner and outer life. In the outer world, we do what we need to do to take care of ourselves, our survival issues. If you are in an abusive relationship, call the police or leave the relationship, for example. In the case of Orlando, we would be wise to push for gun control. But the inner world needs attention too! Here is one key. And this is the same... read more

Aging Grace

 Blog Note: If you wish to continue receiving these Blogs, we have cleaned out our mail list, so you will need to re-subscribe at this link Today I would like to share a poem I wrote about 5 years ago, from my book called Poems from the Passionate Heart. It is a poem about aging. I turned 60 a couple months ago, and recently got my first senior discount at the barber shop, which felt kinda funny, as I feel pretty young. But I took the discount anyway. I guess we get rewarded for lasting a certain amount of time. The barber’s policy is that anyone older than him is considered a senior and qualifies for a discount. He’s only 57, so he’ll be giving quite a few discounts, but increasingly less as he ages. Our world has lost some interest in our elders. We do not honor thier wisdom, as if we want them to just go away. But as elders we also have something to say about this. As you listen to my poem, ask yourself, how are you aging? No good or bad, or judgment, but how do you choose to live and age and eventually die?  My hope is that we learn to age more gracefully, take care of our mind and body and spirit, and perhaps this will make it harder for the world to ignore our elders. Here is my poem called Aging Grace:   Are we elderly, or elders? Does the world look down on us, or up to us? Does the way we live our life, have anything to do with... read more

Upcoming Retreats:

Washington Mothers Day retreat, May 6-8, 2016, AngelSong Retreat Center, WA:  Date to be announced,   Washington, Peaceful Mt – Art of Presence: September 2-5, 2016, Sedona Retreat: Yoga, Hiking, Fun: Oct 9-14, 2016,  John of God Healing Retreats: Two dates. Bali, Indonesia : Nov 9-19, 2016, Mexico Yoga Retreat: Jan 20-28, 2017, Greece: Early June 2017, details soon!

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