Washington, Sedona, Hawaii, Bali, Greece, Guatemala, México and Costa Rica Retreats Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Healing, Awakening

How our retreats compare with others:


  • Better than others!  Just kidding, sort of!  :)
  • 15 years experience, 60 retreats led, 500 hour trained.
  • Compassionate, humorous, non-dogmatic teachings.
  • Often over 40s age group, but all ages, levels welcome.
  • Safe, body friendly, meditative, breath-connected yoga.
  • Over half of participants return for future retreats with us.
  • Affordable: priced 20-30% less than most others.
  • U.S. Retreats in Sedona and WA state
  • International: Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Greece …

Roy’s 9 Minute Spiritual Comedy Video

Satire – not to be taken seriously!

I am filled with admiration for your ability to organize this wonderful trip. You gave me a trip of a lifetime – never to be forgotten. Gracias.

Lee H.

I must say this was an enlightening experience, the people, the food, the location, the yoga made for a holiday close to the heart.  Thank you so much! 


2009 Mexico Retreat, Canada

Was it a dream? I can’t think of anything to improve trip.
Thank you for the perfect vacation.
I could not have dreamed of something better.

Kathy M.

Wonderful, helpful, compassionate teachers, excellent location. A fun week with great people at a great price.

Brenda C.

Who We Are

Based in Everett, WA, USA, I (Roy Holman) have run Holman Health Connections since 2000.  500 hour certified in viniyoga, a body-friendly, gentle, breath connected, meditative yoga. Also certified in meditation, healing, reflexology, hypnotherapy, and a Oneness Trainer and hike leader. I love helping people clear their fear and “stuff” and access their deepest, authentic, joyful, spiritual self!

What We Do

I teach yoga classes in the Everett and Seattle area of Washington State, and have led over 50 retreats in WA, Sedona and globally. I lead various workshops, meditation classes, and also Oneness events and trainings and also a free meditative “Sacred Chambers” in my home (please see Oneness link).


Washington Meditation Retreat  March 24-26, 2017

Washington Yoga Retreat
March 12-14, 2017

Greece Retreat June 3-7, 2017

Rock formation in Sedona, AZ

Yoga Hiking Retreat Sedona
October 15-21, 2017

Guatemala meditation

Guatemala Yoga Retreat

January 17-28, 2017

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

March 16-25, 2018

Buddha statue in Bali

Bali Yoga Retreat
Sometime in 2018 …..


Yelapa, Mexico Yoga Retreat
Future Dates not announced

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Roy’s Blogs …

SOS: Survival Overdrive Syndrome

SOS: Survival Overdrive Syndrome It seems like every week we come up with a new disease or illness, such is the nature of our world. Often it is the pharmaceutical companies wanting to invent a disease and then sell us the cure, a drug of course. They rarely point out the free, natural remedies that Mother Nature so generously and continuously offers. But here is a new term for a very common disease that most of us can relate to: SOS, or Survival Overdrive Syndrome. This term was recently coined by a very wise Doctor, Aviva Romm, who is not trying to sell us any drugs or anything else, although she does offer some tips for reducing this toxic burden of fast paced, fear based living. SOS is basically living in stressful survival mode. Another more common name for this is living In the sympathetic nervous system. As you know, the sympathetic nervous system is very much a natural, essential system for alerting the person that we need to pay attention, danger may be lurking. Indeed, we have created a world where there is often real risk a and even ongoing threats. However, the sympathetic nervous system is a short term solution that has turned into this overdrive survival mode. I would argue that the powers that used to be have effectively used fear to keep us on edge. You see, when we are in fear and on edge, we are not very wise. Wisdom arises from peace, from a quiet mind, a calm countenance. True intelligence cannot come from a stressed out, ungrounded, fearful mind. We are built... read more

Adjusting to Regime Change

Today let me offer some practical tips for handing the shift in administration. Whether or not you like the incoming person, and whether or not it is Donald Duck or Donald Trump, today let’s focus on what can each of us do. As always, regardless of who is President, do what your heart—not your head and wounds—dictate. If you feel called to pray, pray. If you feel called to march, march. Just remember that all action is best as a Sacred activism, a divine doing. Mother Theresa famously replied to a question as to why she never attends war protests. She said “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” It may sound like splitting hairs, but Gandhi and King knew the difference is huge. Again, what you fight against you give energy to. Someone similarly asked Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead why they never played much Vietnam war protest music, and he said something to the effect that protesting war is resisting and participating in it. Many of us activists find it hard to believe this, but it is not what we do as much as what we are. I’m not saying the doing is not important, but first find peace in your heart. Anyone who triggers us–perhaps Trump or Hillary of late–is holding up a mirror for something we can heal within us. Right now, we can give thanks to Donald Trump. I have said this over and over, but when enough of us heal the mirrors Trump is holding up for us, he will transform or disappear. Until... read more

Post-Election Thoughts

I’ve been traveling, and procrastinating talking about the election until I could get some space, clear my mind, and now it’s time to weigh in with this commentary. First, I was wrong. Like many of us, if someone told me a year ago that our next President would be Donald Trump, I would have laughed. Well, I refuse to stop laughing, but I do feel a bit in shock and awe. For the most part, I have no idea what is going on, but that has not stopped me from making comments before, so let me share some thoughts, or at least possibilities about what is going on. First, I was pretty excited about Bernie, but it was not his time. I was not excited about Trump or Hilary. I often talk about the Shift on Earth, and an increase of feminine energy and women in power. Am I wrong? How did the woman, Hilary lose, and the man, an arguably or perhaps even obviously sexist and racist man, win?  I was wrong about the election, as Trump did win. But rest assured, the Shift is happening, and it is much bigger than one man, one woman, or one office, even the President of the US. Am I concerned about Trump and the people he is picking in his administration? Absolutely. Will I lose myself and my center? No. We have survived many things, and will survive this. This victory by Donald Trump has many reasons. One is that the Republican party has played some dirty tricks, including demonizing Hilary Clinton, bringing tremendous attention to her every activity, and... read more

Upcoming Retreats:

Washington, Peaceful Mt – Art of Presence: September 2-5, 2016, Sedona Retreat: Yoga, Hiking, Fun: Oct 9-14, 2016,  WA  Meditation Retreat, WA:  Oct 28-30, 2016, John of God Healing Retreat: Dec 5-17, 2016. Bali, Indonesia : Nov 9-19, 2016, Mexico Yoga Retreat: Jan 20-28, 2017, Greece: Early June 3-10, 2017

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