In Reflexology, we apply pressure to specific reflex points in the hands, feet, and ears. Pressure in these areas help stimulate physical and emotional healing throughout the entire body.



At my home in North Everett 

Sliding Scale: $60 – 75 hour





Benefits of reflexology include:HHC-logo

♥   Grounding, calming, centering
♥   Natural and preventative long-term health care
♥   Relief for specific problems: back pain, allergies, depression,
digestive disorders, headaches, plantar’s fasciitis, etc.
♥   Increases circulation and blood supply to entire body
♥   Cleanses the body of waste, toxins and impurities
♥   Balances the entire energy & nervous system
♥  Deep relaxation, release of pain & tension
♥   Revitalizes body & stimulates creativity and productivity
♥   Frees energies & facilitates flow of life-force through body


Roy Holman, Certified Reflexologist



Helping heal the Earth – one foot at a time!