In Reflexology, we apply pressure to specific reflex points in the hands, feet, and ears. Pressure in these areas help stimulate physical and emotional healing throughout the entire body.



Located in North Everett 

 $60 hour, check or credit card,

or $50 cash!

Call for Appointment: 425-422-0023 or email






Benefits of reflexology include:

♥   Grounding, calming, centering
♥   Natural and preventative long-term health care
♥   Helps: back pain, allergies, depression, digestive disorders, headaches
♥   Increases circulation and blood supply to entire body
♥   Cleanses the body of waste, toxins and impurities
♥   Balances the entire energy & nervous system, aids Plantar’s fasciitis
♥   Deep relaxation, release of pain & tension
♥   Revitalizes body & stimulates creativity and productivity
♥   Frees energies & facilitates flow of life-force through body, or, in spiritual terms, clearing the body-temple to make space for grace, the Holy Spirit!





Roy Holman, Certified Reflexologist



Helping heal the Earth – one foot at a time!