The Oneness Blessing

and Sacred Chambers Group Meditation

Mind calming …. Heart opening … Spiritual awakening


“The oneness blessing has filled my heart with so much joy and gratitude. I have to say I have never in my life experienced anything like it, simply joyful and so peaceful.”

Denice, Everett

“I feel as if I just took my Soul to the gas station.”

Bill, after his first Oneness Blessing

Sacred Chamber Meditation Process: Bathe in Grace – for Free!

Out of our home in Everett, we invite you to a FREE beautiful process of soaking in grace, meditation, prayer and intention for healing, awakening and connecting with your highest Self. You and the group will be guided into meditation to explore your life, review your life experiences, and reflect on your heart’s passions and purpose. Then you will be guided individually into another room (“sacred chamber”) where you will declare your intentions and receive guidance and grace. Open to any and all belief systems, nondenominational.  Sign up here


“I have never felt such peace in all of my life.”

Darlene, after her first Sacred Chamber experience


indexWhy might I want to try a oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing calms and brings a witness presence to the mind, activates certain parts of the brain associated with joy, and deactivates areas–such as the parietal lobes–that worry and chatter too much! It flowers the heart and awakens the kundalini energy which is essential for spiritual awakening. In a word, it is “grace”.

Please note: There is nothing dogmatic about this Oneness Blessing or Sacred Chambers. They are gifts of grace. It is nondenominational and I offer Oneness Blessings, Sacred Chambers and teachings to those who are drawn to it, but no one is ever pressured to try it.

What happens and what will I expect?

The blessing giver lays his or her hands on top of your head for a minute or two. It does not utilize the blessing giver’s own energy, but rather like a conduit, allows Divine or Universal energy to flow–not unlike reiki. Personally, I have never come across anything so simple, powerful, and transformative, sweet and full of grace.

Where can I try a Oneness Blessing?

We are currently in transition and no longer have regular events in Everett, but they do have Wednesday evening events in Seattle. Contact Jasper for more info:

The Founders of Oneness University and creators of the Oneness Blessing are a compassionate Indian couple named Amma and Bhagavan


“I had so much energy afterwards I finished three paintings that week.”

Cynthia, artist, after receiving her first Oneness Blessing.

Ready to calm your noisy mind?

Is it time to remember who you are?

Would you like to open your heart?

“This was the most beautiful experience of my entire life.”

Karrie, after first Chamber experieince

Note: We offer many other Oneness events; please see “Class Schedule” page on this website.


“I want to say the healing that started on Saturday’s Chambers has just kept going and I’m amazed by what has come out. I’m being humbled and revealed over and over again. It’s incredible, painful and beautiful. Thank you for the incredible experience.”

Amanda, after her first Sacred Chamber experience