The Sacred Chambers Group Meditation

Mind calming …. Heart opening … Spiritual awakening


Sacred Chamber Meditation Process: Bathe in Grace – for Free!

Out of our home in Everett, we invite you to a FREE beautiful, interfaith process of soaking in grace, gratitude, meditation, prayer and intention for healing, awakening and connecting with your highest Self. You and the group will be guided into meditation to explore your life, review your life experiences, and reflect on your heart’s passions and purpose. Then you will be guided individually into another room (“sacred chamber”) where you can reflect on gratitude, declare your intentions, and listen for guidance. Open to any and all belief systems, nondenominational.  Sign up here


“I have never felt such peace in all of my life.”

Darlene, after her first Sacred Chamber experience

Ready to calm your noisy mind?

Is it time to remember who you are?

Would you like to open your heart?

“This was the most beautiful experience of my entire life.”

Karrie, after first Chamber experience

“I want to say the healing that started on Saturday’s Chambers has just kept going and I’m amazed by what has come out. I’m being humbled and revealed over and over again. It’s incredible, painful and beautiful. Thank you for the incredible experience.”

Amanda, after her first Sacred Chamber experience