Part One: Presence

Breath by Breath
Pay Attention
Come Home
Are You Out of Your Mind?
Become Empty: Silence, Slowness, and Space
Know Yourself
Look Within
Being You: Truth and Authenticity
Meditation and Prayer

Part Two: Body and Emotions

Love and Move Your Body
Yogaaahhhhhhhhh . . .
Food and Nutrition
Be an Animal
Be a Child
Create Community

Feeling Feelings
Allowing Anger
Fear Not

Part Three: Balance and Open-Mindedness

Making Peace with Paradox
Yin: Patience and Surrender
Yang: Action and Assertiveness
Forgive and Let go
Acceptance and Non-judgment
Nonattachment and Nonresistance
Faith and Trust
New Perspectives
Challenge Your Beliefs
Mystery and Humility

Part Four: Energy

Life Force Energy
Imagine That
Do Unto Others
Sacred Space

Part Five: Peace With Pain

Earth Challenges
Radical Responsibility
Make Use of Suffering
Learn from Failure and Challenge
Relationships as Mirrors
Making Peace with Pain
Depression and Grief
Never Give Up
Own Your Dark Side

Part Six: Power, Purpose, and Passion

Own your Light Side
Illuminating the Illusions
Commitment to Your Path
Power Up!
Wake Up!
Sacred Service
Love and Compassion
Native Wisdom
Lighten Up