First, I want to be clear; I do not condone violence. While I agree that someone has the right to defend oneself, I feel that violence generally only begets violence. I did research on the theories of MLK Jr and Gandhi in college, and it has affected me to this day. I am saddened by any loss of life that occurred that day in the Capitol. And I take no blame for it. 99.9% of the protesters were peaceful, and I was one of them.

I went to D.C. to defend my country and the constitution and stand for truth and justice. That may sound ridiculous to some, and obvious to others. Truth is being suppressed. Here in the land of the free, we are being censored. Right now, all the mainstream media, including Fox news, and YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are censoring the President. This is unprecedented.

Furthermore, I am 99% clear, after witnessing much of the evidence, that this election was stolen at the highest levels of our government. This is treason. I have an idea of why it was stolen: because this may have been the most important election in U.S. history (and possibly on the planet). I am quite serious.

I am a lifelong Democrat. I do not see this as a Red versus Blue thing, but good versus evil. It appears biblical. The evil or dark side is controlling the mainstream media, and Biden is their boy. They need us to hate Trump, who I believe will shock people, as he is on the right side of this.

In D.C., I spent the first 7 hours standing in 35-degree weather, connecting with a few of the half million or so people. People were so kind: women, children, nuns, “Blacks for Trump”, and quite a few Vietnamese and Chinese who were very passionate. They said they could see a Communist or Marxist agenda because they had witnessed it first hand in their own countries. (Note: I agree, but also see this mixed with technocratic / transhumanist agenda, but I digress).

Trump said nothing inappropriate or provoking. He urged a “peaceful” march, to “cheer them on” (the legislators, to urge them to do what is right). He did say to “fight” for what is right, and that we are people of “law and order”. He urged us to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. Later, Trump urged people to “go home”.

So, at 1pm we walked 45 minutes down to the Capitol building. I felt we were there to let the legislators know we want them to do what is right. We wanted to let them know we support the rightful winner of the election, and to look at the evidence, to do their legal job.

Things were heating up when we got there. It was weird; there were few cops (too few). Soon a few agitators started provoking, and then a few tear gas cans were tossed. Soon a police line formed, and after a two-hour standoff, things eventually began to settle down.

It turns out that the other side of the building apparently had the break in. In fact, much of this happened before most of the Trump crowd even arrived. The politicians were possibly gone from the building before we even arrived, it seems.

I did not realize until afterwards, watching the mainstream news that night, that this was a setup, mostly a false flag, staged or at least agitated event. The media was hard at work accusing “mobs”, “rioters” and “terrorists” of havoc. Video and testimony over the next few days affirmed the set up. I will try to explain, but it may not make sense if you are not familiar with false flags and Marxist tactics.

First, there were not nearly enough police for an expected crowd of at least hundreds of thousands. The east side of the building I was on, there were maybe 2 dozen police! And they were at first very casual, with unclear boundaries for the crowd.

Furthermore, there is proof that there were calls for more police the day before and morning of the event by the police chief, but higher ups denied it. Others offered to send more cops and National Guard, but they were refused. This appears to be part of the plan to create chaos, make Trump look bad. Furthermore, there is footage of police letting protesters into the building!

Question: During a tremendously important legislation session, how is it that a building that generally has as many as 1,200 police on the Capitol grounds, be understaffed, unless it was a set up?

The main agitators were Antifa and BLM. Estimates run as high as 250 of them present. One video witness saw and videoed a plain clothes police car escort into D.C. several plain white shuttles of Antifa a few days before the event. Several known Antifa and BLM members were witnessed and even interviewed during the break in.

Some of the Trump folks yelled at and even tackled some of the Antifa to stop the break in and violence. They saw what was going on.

Now, did some Trump supporters get caught up into it and enter the building? Certainly. Did some of them get pushy or violent? Possibly or even probably. I do not defend this, but I totally understand this. Trump fans have been marginalized, attacked, ridiculed, and have seen their President lied about, hated and had false accusations and assassination attempts, over four years. And now a landslide victory cheated from them. Are they frustrated? Yes! Were some of them vulnerable to Antifa tactics? Yes! Do I regret and condemn any violence by protesters? Yes!

Regarding the 5 or so deaths, I smell rats. Video of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt are very revealing, indicative of a false flag or problem-reaction-solution event. I have doubts that she was even actually shot and killed (video shows the shooter aim away from her!), and there were known Antifa / BLM people in that room orchestrating things.

The others who died, including two police officers, died mysteriously after the event. And two others died of unknown causes during or after the event. Very suspicious. Deaths support certain agendas and help cast more blame on protesters and the President.

A word on hypocrisy: Where was the outrage when BLM and Antifa burned buildings and looted businesses and attacked people over the last 7 months? Oh, those were “peaceful protests”, I forgot. BLM got a plaza named after them. Where is the disgust with the leftists who occupied the Capitol building and even the office of Senator Chuck Grassley during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation? Or those who occupied the Wisconsin Capitol building for a month some time ago? There is still a website called “Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution”, using this as a guide for future left-wing events.

We must be careful with words like “terrorist”. Except for the Antifa troublemakers who destroyed or stole things, the Trump people who entered the building mostly walked around taking pictures. They were not there to attack or hurt anyone, best we can tell. They had a message for our politicians, who were apparently not looking at the evidence of official election fraud.

By the way, this uprising was called an insurgency. In truth, it was a counterinsurgency. The insurgents are the Deep State, the mainstream media and the corrupt politicians who are taking over this country. Trump and a group of patriots called the Alliance are trying to stop them.

I am not asking you to believe any of this. I was there. While it was confusing, I saw enough and have seen enough and researched enough. I see the game being played. I am so sad that some protesters got sucked in, but really, most of them simply pushed their way or were allowed into the building. Antifa and BLM did the majority of the forcing, breaking in, agitating and damage.

When the truth comes out, we will better understand that 99.9% of us who attended the events in DC that day have less to be ashamed about, than proud of.